If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the Bible, spirituality or how to grow in your faith,
growth groups are a great place to start.

About Growth Groups:

Thanks for checking out Growth Groups at Crosspointe. Congratulations on your desire to grow deeper in your relationship with God through this weekly study and for seeking out the relationships that will begin as a result of your commitment.

As a member of a group, you will be asked to enter into a covenant with the other members to make your Growth Group a priority. To be a part of a group, you are asked to make the following commitments:

I will make my group a priority by attending each week, keeping up with my assignments and participating in group discussion unless I’m on vacation with my family or my work doesn’t permit it.

I will regularly attend Crosspointe services and contribute to the ministry of the church through my attendance, giving, service and inviting of others.

I will strive to build authentic relationships with those in my group by providing encouragement and praying for their needs.

I will commit to the care and support of each person in my group especially in times of crisis.

I will commit to confidentiality. What’s said in growth group stays in growth group.

I will not talk about another individual who is not part of that small group and present for the discussion. Not even in “sharing prayer requests” unless you have that individual’s permission.

I will explore honestly my next steps for spiritual growth.


Groups meet in convenient locations all across northeast Orange County nearly every day of the week. They typically consist of 6-15 people and are a ton of fun!

Our next season of Growth Groups will begin the week of February 18th.

If you have any questions, let us know.