We are praying for God to do big things this Easter! We are believing that people are going to FIND AND FOLLOW JESUS! We believe this so much that we are making more room for people who don’t yet know the amazing hope that is Jesus. That is why we are doubling the services we are offering this Eater! 

With twice as many services we are going to need twice as many volunteers and we need your help to recruit the volunteers we need for each service. 

Volunteer Promotional Plan

  1. Each Salt leader must identify the leader for each service (maybe the leader(caoch) or assistant coach or a rockstar in your ministry)
  2. Reach out to everyone on your team and ask them what service or services they would like to serve. (Encourage them to serve at two services). KEY TO SUCCESS: CAST VISION! WHY WE ARE DOING ALL THESE SERVICES IS FOR THE PERSON WHO DOES NOT YET KNOW JESUS! WE DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS…WE GET TO DO THIS!
  3. We are promoting volunteering from the stage every service leading up to Easter. The office will pass the people who have signed up for your team and you can follow up with them and get them connected. Cema will let you know how you can access your groups in CCB and how you can connect with them. 
  4. Invite EVERYONE to the Easter Volunteer Rally right after church on April 14th. This will be in the Hope Center. Pastor Brian and Tiffany Lyons will cast vision for Easter. We will Pray for Easter. Then we will have everyone break into to the their specific teams to talk details. 
  5. Invite your volunteers who are serving in the first service to our pre-game at 8:10AM in the lobby.  We are turning the Next Steps Room into Volunteer Central for Easter. Invite everyone who is serving at the following services to check in to Volunteer Central. They will be able to check in and will be directed to where they need to go.


Service Times

9AM, 10:30AM, 12PM, 5PM


Kindergarten – 6th Grade – 9, 10:30 and 12PM will be at SkyZone. 

*Parents MUST check in and check out kids at SkyZone. 

(5PM Service will have no SkyZone and will be at Kidpointe as usual) 

Babies – Pre-K will be at Kidpointe (Pre-K will have an easter egg hunt).


We will have spontaneous baptisms in all of the services. People have and will continue signing up on the connection card. (These will be toward the end of each service)