Crosspointe's Core Values


We believe God so loved the world so we refuse any form of prejudice. We love freely and frequently with no strings attached.

(I Corinthians 13:8)

Question: Who do you love that someone may find unlovely?


We are convinced that Jesus is the hope of the world. We will do anything short of sin to make it hard for people glocally to go to hell.

(2 Peter 3:9)

Question: Who are you personally impacting?

Extravagant Generosity

We give up the things we love for the things we love even more. It’s an honor to sacrifice for Christ and His Church.

(Acts 20:35)

Question: Will this require a sacrifice?


We will be intentional about saying yes to the best and no to the rest.

(James 1:8)

Question: Is this a good thing or a God thing?


We are faith filled, big thinking, bet the farm risk takers. We will never insult God with small thinking and safe living.

(Hebrews 11:6)

Question: Will this involve trusting God so much that I will fail without him?


We are responsible to Learn and Return the information God has given us for transformational purposes.

(2 Timothy 2:2)

Questions: Who are you investing in? Who is investing in you?

Spiritual Growth

We choose daily to go God’s Way over the world’s way. God desires that we take next steps to stay close and stay clean.

(Romans 12:1-2)

Question: Am I climbing or am I sliding?

Relentless Improvement

We believe love is in the details. So we are committed to constant and never-ending improvement that honors God and inspires people.

(I Cor. 10:31)

Question: How did I make this better?