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Easter 2017 – Glorious Day

This is the sermon from our 6th annual Easter Eggstravaganza at Yorba Linda High School.  There were over 4000 in attendance, 72+ baptisms and many people found and following… it was a glorious day.

Jesus Feeds 5000 – Jesus On The Move – Season 2

In this part of our series, “Jesus On The Move”, Pastor Brian Moore lays out the story of Jesus feeding 5000 with a “Long John Silver’s” lunch.

The Death Of John The Baptist – Jesus On The Move – Season 2

As we continue our journey of Jesus on the move, Pastor Brian Moore talks about the events surrounding the death of John The Baptist and how it applies to us today.

Pack Light, Bring Your Sandals – Jesus On The Move – Season 2

This week, we continue the journey of Jesus in the book of Mark. This week, Pastor Matt Adrian tells about the story of Jesus sending out the disciples out two by two.  He tells them in a way to “pack light”.

The Power Of Honoring People – Jesus On The Move Season 2

Can you imagine sitting and listening to Jesus actually speak? Did you know that Jesus was not honored in his own home town? Listen as Brian tells the story of the Power of honoring people.

Jesus On The Move – Season 2 – Why Does God Let Things Get So Out Of Control?

Ever wondered where God was in the middle of a confusing time in your life? Listen as Pastor Brian Moore explains through a personal story.

Jesus On The Move-Season 2 – Jesus Deals With A Naked Crazy Person

We are continuing our series, “Jesus On The Move”.  In this season, Pastor Matt Adrian tells the story of Jesus and how he dealt with a crazy, naked person.

Dangerous Prayers – Bless Me

Did you know that praying for God to bless you is actually a dangerous prayer?

It’s also the prayer that a man named Jabez prayed and God granted his request.

Listen as Brian breaks down the dangerous prayer; Bless Me.

Dangerous Prayers Part 4 – Send Me

In this 4th sermon from our Dangerous Prayers series, Pastor Brian Moore unpacks what praying “Lord, Send me” might look like.  It’s not as scary as it may seem.  Check it out

Dangerous Prayers – Part 2 – Break Me

Are you willing to be broken?  It’s definitely a risky prayer. Listen as Pastor Matt Adrian unpacks what it might look like to pray for God to “Break Me”.