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Necessary Endings – Seasons

In this episode, what you won’t hear is a song that Brian references called “Turn, Turn, Turn” by the Byrds.  This song has the oldest lyric of any number one song but is as relevant today as in the 1960’s when this song was at it’s peak.

In life we all have seasons.  Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  There is a purpose in every season we go through. Don’t miss it.



Stranger Things – Upside Down God

The first will be last and the first will be last.  It’s no coincidence that Jesus set things up this way.  Matt Adrian speaks about our “Upside Down God”.


Stranger Things – Hospitality vs Entertaining Part 1

Do you think that Hospitality means being able to cook, having a great space so that people are comfortable in your home?  Do you know that hospitality is an overlooked command from the Bible? Listen as Pastor Brian Moore unpacks the differences between Hospitality and entertaining.

Think 3 – Think 3 Dads

This is Father’s Day. Fathers have a great responsibility to pass our faith to upcoming generations. Listen as Pastor Brian Moore shows us how.

Think 3 – Lance Gotcher – Consumed with Compassion

Lance Gotcher and his entire family are missionaries to the Philippines.  Listen as he speaks about some of the work God has done in the Philippines and around the world.

Think 3 – Series Introduction

What does “Think 3” mean?  In this series you will learn what it means to Think 3… to think not only of yourself, but to think 3 generations ahead when it comes to your decisions.

How Did I Get Here? – Matt Adrian

Have you ever wondered, “How Did I Get Here?”  Ever wondered how things got this out-of-balance; out-of-control.

Executive Pastor Matt Adrian tells a story from the Bible where David- the Giant killer asked the same question.

Giving Is Good

Giving feels good.  It’s more blessed to give than receive. Pastor Brian Moore breaks this well-known concept down in this episode.

Mother’s Day at Crosspointe 2017

Listen as Pastor Brian Moore pays tribute to Moms. He includes Hannah who was the mother of Samuel in the Old Testament and a very cool story about a mom at our church.

Connected 3D – Deepening Our Internal Values

In this last part of our tech series called Conected 3D, pastor Brian Moore shows us new words that have entered our communication and ways to deepen our internal values.