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Necessary Endings – Eddie Lyons – Promised Land

In this sermon from High Street (Springfield, MO) Pastor Eddie Lyons, he talks about how scary (and dangerous) it can be to NOT move and take the next step in your journey.

Necessary Endings – What To Expect Next

Clear communications makes great relationships.  Pastor Brian Moore gives us an inside look into what we can expect in the new building…as well as what other people will expect of us.  Also, Brian says a few words about the tragedy in Virginia.

Necessary Endings – Saul’s Necessary Ending

In the Bible, there was a man named Saul who put Christians in jail.  He made life very difficult for Christians… that is until his necessary ending that began with meeting Jesus on the road to Damascus… listen as Pastor Brian Moore breaks it down.

The song that Pastor Moore references in the sermon can be found HERE. (Toby Mac – Til The Day I Die)