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Necessary Endings – Real-Life Discipleship

This episode is all about being deeply-rooted and representing “Team Jesus” better and better over time.  Jeff Craig talks about the distinct stages of being a strong Christian.

Necessary Endings – Pruning

In this part of our series called “Necessary Endings”, Lead Pastor Brian Moore talks about the three things that good gardeners prune from a plant to make it really grow and be healthy.  What do you need to prune?

Necessary Endings – Pain and Loss

We all have suffered loss. In this 3rd part of our series called Necessary Endings, Pastor Brian Moore explains what you must do to handle pain and loss.

Necessary Endings – Seasons

In this episode, what you won’t hear is a song that Brian references called “Turn, Turn, Turn” by the Byrds.  This song has the oldest lyric of any number one song but is as relevant today as in the 1960’s when this song was at it’s peak.

In life we all have seasons.  Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  There is a purpose in every season we go through. Don’t miss it.


Stranger Things – Upside Down God

The first will be last and the first will be last.  It’s no coincidence that Jesus set things up this way.  Matt Adrian speaks about our “Upside Down God”.