Message Audio

Stranger Things – Hospitality vs Entertaining Part 1

Do you think that Hospitality means being able to cook, having a great space so that people are comfortable in your home?  Do you know that hospitality is an overlooked command from the Bible? Listen as Pastor Brian Moore unpacks the differences between Hospitality and entertaining.

Think 3 – Think 3 Dads

This is Father’s Day. Fathers have a great responsibility to pass our faith to upcoming generations. Listen as Pastor Brian Moore shows us how.

Think 3 – Lance Gotcher – Consumed with Compassion

Lance Gotcher and his entire family are missionaries to the Philippines.  Listen as he speaks about some of the work God has done in the Philippines and around the world.

Think 3 – Series Introduction

What does “Think 3” mean?  In this series you will learn what it means to Think 3… to think not only of yourself, but to think 3 generations ahead when it comes to your decisions.