Message Audio

Guest Speaker: Regi Campbell

Regi Campbell is an author and a successful businessman. Regi shares with us that we are the stewards of our experiences.

Right on the Money (Part 2): Eight Laws of Financial Health Part 2

Pastor Brian continues the series “Right on the Money” with part two of his message on the eight laws of financial health.

Right on the Money (Part 1): Eight Laws of Financial Health Part 1

Pastor Brian shares the first four laws of financial health from Matthew 25 in part one of his message.

Fixing Us (Part 5): Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Pastor Matt Adrian shares how your marriage must be a friendship.

Fixing Us (Part 4): Is This a Hill You Want to Die On?

Pastor Brian and his wife, Shannon, talk about how to deal with conflict and confrontation with love.

Fixing Us (Part 3): Purity Paves the Way for Intimacy

Pastor Brian continues in part 2 of his message on sex. “Where secrets live, intimacy dies.”

Fixing Us (Part2)

Pastor Brian continues the series Fixing Us with this PG-13 topic of intimacy, purity, and sex.

Fixing Us (Part 1): Unspoken and Unrealistic Expectations

Pastor Brian shares the desires and unrealistic expectations that couples bring into marriages and relationships.

The Greatness Principle (Part 5): Get in the Game

Pastor Brian encourages us to “get in the game” through serving here at Crosspointe.

The Greatness Principle (Part 4): You Were Saved to Serve

Pastor Brian shares how we can serve our neighbor using the story of the Good Samaritan.